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Keep Your Mouth Shut!

I’ve done it. You’ve done it. Everyone has done it.

We have all posted something regrettable at least once in our lives now. I have been caught up in Facebook wars about politics or Kanye West’s latest bad decision. At the end of the day I have asked myself, “why didn’t I just walk away from the keyboard?”

Luckily, one is able to erase comments from the threads, but they have already been seen by current and potential customers.


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National No Socks Day!

Friday, May 8th is National No Socks Day and I was thinking about how inappropriate it would be to go to the office wearing shoes with no socks.

But then I got to thinking about how many people DO go to work with no socks now…sandals are quite commonplace in the spring and summer paired with a nice skirt or pants. And women no longer wear pantyhose to work (thank goodness.)

But there are still those folks who pull on those black knee-highs and shove their feet into that same pair of shoes day after day.

How does all of this relate to social media?

no socks day

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Turn Boring into Exciting

So you have decided to venture into the blogging realm with your business. You have high aspirations of attracting new customers by the droves…but your area of expertise might not the most exciting venture to market. You might own a copy shop; sell car parts; or perhaps help people with their taxes.

Glamorous? No. But important and necessary? Yes.

How can you make your “boring” business seem exciting to potential customers?

excited blogging

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