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Keep Your Mouth Shut!

I’ve done it. You’ve done it. Everyone has done it.

We have all posted something regrettable at least once in our lives now. I have been caught up in Facebook wars about politics or Kanye West’s latest bad decision. At the end of the day I have asked myself, “why didn’t I just walk away from the keyboard?”

Luckily, one is able to erase comments from the threads, but they have already been seen by current and potential customers.



Posting statements or photos that might paint you or your business into a closed box is not good for your business. You want to keep the box open for everyone to come and look inside. If you start closing the lid to chunks of customers, pretty soon you will not have any.

Let’s say you own a small community wine shop and just commented on a photo of your governor stating that he is the biggest jerk of the century. Well, the locals who shop for chardonnay will now know what political party you favor and they just might grab their next bottle from Kroger’s because of your beliefs.

Especially if you are business owner, you should refrain from posting ANYTHING that REMOTELY concerns the following subjects:


  • Never choose sides or comment about a candidate
  • Never take sides on hot social issues like marriage equality or gun control, no matter what your opinions are
  • Never voice concerns about a tax levy, even if it benefits your business


  • Never post quotes from the Bible or any other religious scripture
  • Never post pictures that are religious based
  • Never post negative comments about another religion

Just remember this: keep your posts positive and informative. Period. Easy to remember. And keep your Kanye comments to yourself.