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National No Socks Day!

Friday, May 8th is National No Socks Day and I was thinking about how inappropriate it would be to go to the office wearing shoes with no socks.

But then I got to thinking about how many people DO go to work with no socks now…sandals are quite commonplace in the spring and summer paired with a nice skirt or pants. And women no longer wear pantyhose to work (thank goodness.)

But there are still those folks who pull on those black knee-highs and shove their feet into that same pair of shoes day after day.

How does all of this relate to social media?

no socks day


Well, think of social media as a form of “no-socks” communication.

Socks are binding; they are restrictive and uncomfortable at times. They can get old and stretched out over time and ineffective. If you can say that your business has not added any new online communications to your plate within the past year, you are wearing those tired, tight old socks.

And you need to yank them off now!

When you grab hold of social media and use it effectively to your advantage, you instantly get a surge of coolness and an energy revival. There are no longer any restrictions on who you can reach and when you can reach them.

And an even more important aspect of wearing no socks is that you can FEEL what is going on around you. Now you can reach out, touch your customer and FEEL their emotions immediately! How could you do that before you took your socks off?

Did you know that just taking off your socks could change your business so dramatically?

Happy No Socks Day!