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Turn Boring into Exciting

So you have decided to venture into the blogging realm with your business. You have high aspirations of attracting new customers by the droves…but your area of expertise might not the most exciting venture to market. You might own a copy shop; sell car parts; or perhaps help people with their taxes.

Glamorous? No. But important and necessary? Yes.

How can you make your “boring” business seem exciting to potential customers?

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Here are some quick and easy tips to rev up that image!

1. Testimonials. But these are only interesting if they tell an interesting tale. Make a list of regular customers and contact them. Ask them for their story; why did they first do business with you? Why do they continue to do business with you? What do they like to do for fun? Ask for a fun picture of them with their family and/or pets. Don’t forget to ask if you can use their story and picture for promotional purposes.

2. History. When did you start your business? What made you choose to start it and why did you choose this location? A short story about what brought you to the community will make you more real and down-to-earth.

3. Personality. Throw in an occasional story about your weekend fishing trip or soccer tournament. People can relate to these situations.

4. Accomplishments. Why not toot your own horn? What projects are you especially proud to discuss? Did you print the invitations to the governor’s inauguration? Did you groom a dog that was featured in a commercial? Tell the story behind the scenes; these stories can be fascinating.

5. Staff. Take a look at your fellow staff members. Find something about each member that would be especially interesting for the public to know. Do you have a former Olympic athlete or a spelling bee champion on your staff? Feature their photo that relates to their story.

Put these tips to work today and turn boring into exciting!